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March 2022 | Jiri JAWINNER

A popular practice called mewing - what is it and what benefits can it bring?

People come up with a lot of practices, which have the potential to strengthen their health in any way and ideally also to improve their appearance. One such technique is mewing which is a big hit in many foreign countries, but is still coming to us .

Mewing technique consists in consciously holding the tongue in a certain position, which should result in the shaping of the jaw and face .

Science on effects mewing has not focused much yet and therefore could not confirm them. However, if you look at social networks, YouTube, or discussion forums like Reddit, you'll see a lot of positive feedback.

For many people, mewing technique has become not only a tool to improve the aesthetics of their face, but also to address health complications such as sleep apnea or frequent inflammation dutin .

Inspiration from the work of a British Orthodontist

For the author mewing is considered a British orthodontist John Mew. Together with his son Michael Mew, who works in the same field, he promotes a form of orthodontics called "orthotropics" that focuses on jaw holding - inter alia by changing the location of the language.

People caught on to the principles of orthotropics and named the practice after the doctor's surnames they inspired mewing . While John Mew himself came up with this series of techniques to help children whose jaw is still in development , today it is used by hundreds of thousands adults to improve their image.

Mewing step by step

Implementation mewing techniques is extremely simple and requires no utilities. Of course, each guide is a little different, but the basic procedure is as follows:

  • Close your mouth.
  • Put your lower jaw in such a position that your lower front teeth are just behind the upper ones. 
  • Stick the whole tongue on the floor so that its tip is just behind the front teeth but does not touch them at the same time.
  • Perform this technique whenever you remember - the goal is to make this position a natural, resting position in your mouth. 

A lot of people have actually confirmed beneficial effects mewing both aesthetically and medically - most often they improved sleep apnea, difficulty breathing and swallowing, speech disorders, temporomandibular joint dysfunction or sinusitis.

However, this is a relatively new and unexplored practice and should be approached with caution. The main risks, usually associated with poor execution mewing , include tooth and jaw displacement, temporomandibular joint pain, and tooth damage .

Jaw strengthening alternatives

If you are looking for ways to promote jaw health and achieve an attractive appearance, mewing technique may not be the only way for you.

Ordinary chewing can also help, especially if you use our special tools. Their hardness is optimal for a really effective involvement of the masticatory muscles, which strengthens them, and thus tones the features of the face . In addition, they are reusable and therefore represent a one-off investment.

Whatever you decide to try mewing or another technique, if you are in the care of an orthodontist or similar specialist, it is always better to consult with him about your intention so as not to disrupt your current treatment.

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