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Facelifting facials

March 2022 | Jiri JAWINNER

Facelifting: how is it done and paid off financially?

Who wouldn't want to be younger and more beautiful? Entrepreneurs and companies around the world earn billions on these human desires. However, it is not just a cosmetic company,
efforts to achieve eternal youth and beauty also bring huge profits to plastic surgery clinics , whose most popular process is no doubt facelifting .

No wonder. Our face is one of the parts of the body that gets the most attention and unfortunately undergoes aging the fastest - at least visually .

What is facial facelifting and how does it work?

Facelifting or rhytidectomy is cosmetic surgery whose primary goal is to rejuvenate the face or neck . Through this procedure, it is possible to strengthen sagging skin and smooth out the folds on the cheeks and along the jaw, giving the face a younger appearance.

The process of face facelifting begins with anesthesia which can be both local and general, or a combination of these - depending on what the plastic surgeon you are visiting will suggest.

Alone facelifting then consists of cutting the skin along the face with a scalpel and turning it upwards to achieve the desired effect. Usually, the cut line runs along the hairline to the ears, where the excess skin is removed and the wound is sutured.

The whole procedure takes about an hour and a half to three hours, followed by several weeks of convalescence .

Only after a full recovery can the real results of the operation be seen, but it is necessary to take into account that not the best facelifting will not cope with fine wrinkles or sun damage .

Facelifting is not a cheap affair

If you start thinking about graduating face lifting, price will probably be one of the deciding factors for you. facelifting price list for each clinic slightly different, in general, however, it can be said that the price is between 40 and 60 thousand crowns for one procedure .

However, it is quite common that only one operation is not enough to achieve the desired results . So in reality, face lifting price can climb to more than 100 thousand crowns - depends on skin condition, number of treatments and extent facelifting .

Every operation has its risks

Besides that facelifting faces is nothing cheap, it should also be taken into account that like any other invasive intervention in the body brings with it a certain degree risks .

In addition to the common complications associated with anesthesia and the operation itself, facelifting may experience the following problems:

  • Hematoma - accumulated blood under the skin, which causes swelling and pressure. It usually occurs within 24 hours after surgery and requires further surgery to prevent damage to the skin and other tissues.
  • Scars - are a common consequence facelifting , but usually gets lost between the hair and the natural contours along the face and ears. However, they may be more visible to some individuals.
  • Nerve damage - occurs only rarely , however, the consequences are very unpleasant and include paralysis of the muscle controlled by the nerves, which can cause a strange facial expression, or a temporary loss of sensitivity lasting several months to one year.
  • Hair loss - hair can be near the wound start to fall out excessively, both temporarily and permanently.
  • Skin peeling - in rare cases, the supply may be disrupted blood to the facial tissues, leading to excessive skin peeling.

Are there smarter alternatives?

If you want to look younger, you don't have to graduate facial facelifting . There are practices that will bring you a long-term result, you can handle them without any problems yourself, and at a fraction of the price .

A typical example is plain chewing, but using our special utilities . They have optimal hardness to intensively engage facial muscles when chewing . This strengthens and strengthens them, making the face look younger and slimmer after a while.

Let's face it - facelifting is an expensive and invasive affair. It is always better to deal with things naturally and leave plastic surgery as a last resort . Unfortunately, her interventions are irreversible.

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