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Jaw strengthening as a trend

March 2022 | Jiri JAWINNER

What exactly is it?

More and more people are interested in a healthy lifestyle and exercise. But did you know that weight training doesn't just apply to standardly trained body parts, but also to the jaws?

When you type anything into your search engine that has to do with strengthening your jaws, tens of thousands of results will come up. And expect the available information on this topic to increase, as the practice's popularity continues to grow today. You can then come across hundreds of "before and after" changes on social networks. There is a documented procedure for a marked jaw enhancement, which users achieved relatively easily.


There are more options.

Mewing - jaw cradle

It is not entirely clear when the interest in strengthening the jaws was born. However, many experts map it to the 1970s, when orthodontist John Mew created the mewing technique. It basically involves systematically placing the tongue on the floor and other parts of the mouth - and according to John and his fans, it can bring a lot of aesthetic and health benefits.

And because our jaws are smaller today than our ancestors had, we have less room for teeth, which then deform. This factor also contributes to the fact that our faces are not as aesthetically pleasing as they could be. Most importantly, however, according to Mew, this practice can also help fight sleep apnea and promote a healthy respiratory system.

In addition to mewing, more and more practices have emerged over the years that can help us strengthen our jaws. These exercises then focus mainly on the aesthetic nature of the thing - and in addition to getting a more pronounced jaw line, you can also help from the sagging corners, second chin or weak faces.

This effect then also manifests itself in the person's self-confidence, which increases. Outlined facial features have been shown to make a significant contribution to the attractiveness and credibility of individuals. They can then logically make a more convincing impression.

Just look at world celebrities! Surely you know names like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Johnny Depp - and do you know what they have in common? Outlined and distinctive jaws!

Winbuilders: a new product for boosting health and confidence

Nowadays, an even more accessible and simpler way to achieve healthier jaws and more authoritative visages has appeared on the market. These are Winbuilders chewing aids. They are made of non-hazardous silicone and regularly undergo rigorous safety testing.

You can think of Winbuilders as dumbbells for your jaws. They are more of a burden on the jaw muscles than ordinary chewing gum, and they can be used over and over again, so they only mean a one-time investment for you.

They come in three different colors that correspond to specific hardnesses:

  • White (30 Sh) - for beginners,
  • Gray (40 Sh) - Intermediate,
  • Black (50 Sh) - Advanced.

And how can you strengthen your masticatory muscles and therefore your jaws with them? Again, there are more ways and it's up to you to decide. In the final, it is best to try them all and, over time, find out which one best suits your needs and time possibilities.

Jawinner recommends using two aids on the lower chairs at the same time so that the curved part with the holes faces the biting surface of the teeth. The aids then need to be placed at the same level on the left and right sides to avoid uneven muscle loading.

Then just bite and let go. Then repeat this step over and over for 1-2 minutes 3 × 5 to 5 × daily. The first visible results can then be seen after about two weeks.

And it's not just about how you look, it's about how you feel. Give your jaw strengthening a few weeks and you will see yourself in the mirror in a whole new light. You will gain the confidence you have always dreamed of, which will give new life to your life.

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