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Flabby faces

March 2022 | Jiri JAWINNER

Fallen, drooping and sagging faces - how to turn them?

With each birthday, we pass another year full of different experiences. If we catch them at the right end, we become wiser and more advanced. However, life experiences aren't the first thing we think of when we think of aging - they're usually more
wrinkles, sagging faces and sagging skin.

There is certainly no denying that the loss of skin elasticity and its susceptibility to gravity do belong among the natural manifestations of aging . However, there are ways how to sagging faces at least partially mature and indulge for several years extra youthful appearance - without the intervention of plastic surgery.

First and foremost, you need to have a lifestyle under your thumb . Bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, unhealthy diet or lack of sleep and exercise significantly speed up the aging process. And they cause not only flabby faces but also eyelids, eyebrows or chin.

3 most effective sagging face exercises

If you now feel like you've done everything wrong in the last years of your life, don't worry -
nothing is lost ! In addition to adjusting your lifestyle, you can also try the sagging face exercises that we'll introduce in following lines.

1. Start with a pinch of facial yoga

The following exercise is based on facial yoga and is
focused on firming muscles and skin in the cheekbones . It could be described as an alternative to procedures such as facelifts or hyaluronic acid fillers.

  • Shape your mouth as you would say "O" and cover your teeth completely with your lips.
  • Leave your teeth hidden, smile broadly, and then return to your original position. Repeat the sequence about six to ten times .
  • When you're done, smile again with your teeth hidden and gently press your index finger on your chin.
  • Then slowly move your jaw up and down so that your head gently tilts back. - repeat three times, then release .

2. Replace "duck face" with "fish face"

As a child, we certainly wouldn't explain a fish-like grimace as one of the ways
how to sagging faces mature in the long run. However, the truth is that if you are consistent, you can not only strengthen your face with this exercise, but also visually slim down .

  • First, tilt your head so that you still have control over it and don't put too much strain on your neck, and push your chin forward.
  • Then suck the faces in to create a fish grimace, and then hold for five seconds - be careful not to bite your faceand into the language.
  • Finally, return the faces and head to the neutral position and the whole repeat the process ten to fifteen times .

3. Chew even when you're not

Exercises for sagging faces The icing on the cake is an activity you might not expect from any dizzying effect, namely chewing. It involves a variety of muscles in the jaw and whole face, which can lead to a younger and more attractive look .

You probably don't need instructions for chewing, but you may not know the tools that make it an even more effective way how to sagging faces mature perfectly.

There are two in our menu, Silicone Winbuilders and Chewing Stones Winshapers . In both cases, these are reusable devices that you can easily take anywhere in a practical case .

Unlike exercises on sagging faces chewing requires virtually no time investment, as can accompany you on a variety of activities - just 20 minutes a day . So you can put aside any excuses and instead start a successful journey to look younger and more confident.

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