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Cením funkčnost, kvalitu i pěkný desing produktu


Toto je moje druhá objednávka. Chce do toho jít i přítel, protže vidí, že to funguje. Zázrky na počkání to nemumí, ale funguje to. Chce to trpělivost a pravidelně každý den. Výsledky přijdou, ale chce to několi týdnů. Aby to bylo výraznější, tak bych možná řekla měsíců. Jinak bezva věcička:D


WINBUILDERS FULLPACK for Square Jawline, Weakest Jaw & pdo Threads Solutions. This package includes 3 pairs of aids WINBUILDERS in variations ( white – beginner, grey – advanced, the black – experienced), and a metal case.
FULLPACK is suitable for everyone who wants to achieve maximum effectiveness of the results achieved.

-more affordable
-the possibility of alternation of loads in training
-smooth the transition to a bigger load

Did you know that the face is the first lot that you people won't notice? According to some studies, it is even generally the most attractive element of our body! More and more people, therefore, pose the question of how to highlight facial muscles. The answer is simple – the strengthening of the jaw.

In cooperation with the leading experts in orthodontics, we have developed chewing aids Winbuilders. Those with regular use will bring out your jaw line, which gives you a more attractive and more self-confident appearance. Regular strengthening of the facial muscles vyrýsuje and stronger, just as it applies to other parts of the body. Winbuilders so you can feel like dumbbells for your jaw.

The use is very simple – you just need to know how it is regularly chewed. The choice then you have the three degrees of hardness, which we define using a scale of "Shore" or "Sh". Depending on your experience then you can choose from three colors and hardness:

white (30 Sh) – for beginners
gray (40 Sh) – for the slightly more advanced,
black (50 Ps) – for advanced.

And how exactly winbuilders use it?

Before using the equipment rinse with lukewarm water. The idea is to use two tools at the same time on the lower molars so that the bent part with the holes faces against the biting surface of the teeth. Equipment load to the same level of the teeth on the left and right side, to avoid uneven loading. Subsequently, bite down and loosen. Repeat this step over and over, and it's ideally for 1-2 minutes, 3× to 5× a day. Avoid stoking the nibs over there – aids may be due to their sharpness damage and in addition, you have achieved the desired effect, because you will be connecting the wrong muscles.

Products to keep out of the reach of children. Inappropriate use can lead to choking and suffocation.

If in enhancing makes you feel unpleasant pain, stop it immediately. If you have doubts about whether this is for you the use this product is appropriate, issue, consult with your attending physician or an orthodontist.


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Package contents
Aids winbuilders (3 degrees of hardness)
Cup with filler
Instructions for use

Diameter 55 mm
Height 24 mm
Weight 74 g (including winbuilders)



Can I use Winbuilders at the same time with braces?
Yes, but in general, we rather recommend. Aid and braces may mutually damage.

Can Winbuilders harm my teeth?
Definitely not. Be careful, however, to aid munching exclusively in the area of molars. If you chew with your front teeth, due to their ostřejšímu shape could cause damage to the equipment.

It is for me to aid appropriate, even if I suffer from a disease of the jaws?
It depends on the type of the disease. In this case, use our tools do you discuss with your doctor or Orthodontist.

They are in aid present some toxins?
No. Aid Winbuilders is made of non-toxic silicone, which is certified for use in the oral cavity. Does not cause allergic reactions and his chewing to the body do not emit any toxic substances. The safety of our product is regularly tested.

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