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March 2022 | Jiri JAWINNER

Snoring or a quality sleep killer - how to fight it?

Probably everyone has some experience with a phenomenon called
snoring . If you're the source of these annoying sounds, you usually don't even know it, but for others it often means a sleepless night .

Although it is mainly the domain of men who are estimated to have in 57% of cases , snoring in women is also very common and even in children. Although we do not know about our own snoring and therefore our sleep does not seem at all does not affect, the opposite is often true.

To understand, how to get rid of snoring and why you should try it at all, we'll talk about the cause and the risks.

What exactly is snoring?

The source of the typical sound snoring is the vibration near the airways in the back of the neck .

During sleep, there is relaxation of the muscles all over the body and thus also along airways , narrowing the space for air passage. As a result, the tissues vibrate on inhalation and exhale, creating the old familiar sound snoring - often compared to cutting wood.

Some people are snoring snoring more naturally prone due to the size and shape of the muscles and tissues in the larynx and neck. This is one of the main reasons why snoring in women occurs up to twice as much as men - their soft palate is more massive, the tongue root larger and the larynx larger.

In addition to gender itself, there is a risk snoring also increases:

  • ongoing pregnancy
  • alcohol consumption
  • sedation use
  • obesity
  • nasal polyps
  • deviated septum (nasal septum)
  • chronic nasal congestion (congestion leading to a stuffy nose)
  • bulkier almonds, tongue or soft floor
  • jaw too small or backwards

What can be snoring dangerous?

The level of health risks associated with snoring depends on its intensity and frequency .

If it appears only occasionally, for example after a drunken night, and is not particularly loud, it is perfectly normal, so there is no need to seek medical or other help . Rather, it can have a negative impact on relationships with partnersor roommates.

The same applies if snoring occurs three times a week and more often, but only if it is not accompanied by any other symptoms that indicate a more severe health problem . Such symptoms include:

  • panting, sniffing or choking
  • overweight or obesity
  • high blood pressure
  • daytime sleepiness
  • morning headaches and stuffy nose
  • difficulty concentrating and clear thinking
  • clenching and gnashing of teeth (bruxism)
  • frequent nocturnal urination (nocturia)

Of all, co na snoring can be dangerous, the worst is so-called obstructive sleep apnea . In addition to snoring in humans, upper airway obstruction occurs during sleep and as a result and breathtaking, which can take tens of seconds.

How can you go snoring?

Whether it's snoring in women , men or children, if its frequency and volume are really high and the person or his surroundings have also experienced some of the above symptoms, < b> it is appropriate to undergo a medical examination .

Often it's not just about that, how to get rid of snoring but also alleviate the problems that accompany it and can worsen this condition . A typical example is obesity or high blood pressure, where lifestyle adjustments or medication use are usually necessary.

If for you snoring is more of a problem in terms of relationships with the environment, you can try to fight it yourself.

You will find a wide range of preparations and aids on the market - from mouth sprays and drops, through patches, to dental handles or pillows. However, we believe that oral care should begin before you go to bed .

That's why we bring Winbuilders and Winshapers tools - both created for a simple activity, chewing. Regular chewing strengthens the muscles of the jaw, face and tongue, which can significantly affect snoring snoring help .

Compared to classic chewing gum, they have the advantage of offering optimal hardness for effective muscle engagement and they do not contain sugar, artificial sweeteners or any other substance which might be harmful to their health . In addition, they are used over and over again, so they are a one-time investment.

Experts recommend devoting 20 minutes of chewing each day to achieve the desired effect. However, the reward for persistent effort may not only be a relief from snoring , but also an emphasis on facial contours. 

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