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Orthodontist MUDr. Bernát and his opinion

May 2022 | SEO Analytics

Is the use of aids to strengthen the masticatory muscles appropriate? Orthodontist MUDr. Bernát and his opinion


MUDr. Ladislav Bernat, Ph.D. is the chief physician of the Smile Art orthodontic clinic in České Budějovice. He and his team have been specializing in the treatment and prevention of dental irregularities for more than 10 years. Patients turn to Smile Art for defects of various kinds and care is given to even the most serious cases.

We work closely with Dr. Bernát and for the purposes of today's article, we interviewed him so that we could bring you an expert opinion on strengthening the masticatory muscles. This is an increasingly popular topic in recent years and many people are still unclear - what is the state about? Or are devices of this type a waste of money?

Orthodontic defects as a problem of civilization


Today, orthodontic defects are more common than ever before. According to surviving evidence, our ancestors had almost perfect dental health. They had regular teeth, strong jaws, and seldom had wisdom teeth problems. These are a cause for frequent concern today due to lack of space in the jaws and can distort other teeth.

A major change occurred in the Stone Age. It was people who began to use tools, to cook and thus to abandon their purely hunting-gathering tendencies. About 10,000 years ago, they also started farming, giving them easier access to food.

These factors directly caused the jaws to shrink and the masticatory muscles to weaken. Thanks to the tools created, people were able to start cutting meat into smaller pieces, so they no longer had to chew. Due to the heat treatment of food, they also began to consume a much softer diet, which accelerated this trend.

Is there a way to help the proper development of teeth?


Not only according to Mudr. Bernata, there are ways to increase the likelihood that a tooth will develop as it should. That is, without irregularities in the teeth and jaws. However, we only talk about children and adolescents here - once the teeth have completed their development, it is very difficult to reverse any defects in a natural way.

In this sense, the aids for strengthening the masticatory muscles and jaws are very suitable for parents who want to do everything to make their children achieve a more attractive smile. Keep in mind, however, that the intense development of the jaws in girls ends at most around the age of 15 and in boys around the age of 18.

Chewing aids will help the effectiveness of foil braces


Foil braces are the most popular type of braces today - they are invisible, thus eliminating any fear of the unsightly of wearing them. Instead of classic locks and wires, they use special foils that are made to measure for each patient. As a rule, we also encounter positive feedback in the sense that they can be removed at any time and their application is painless.

According to the experience of Mudr. Bernat's chewing aids can help put the braces on and hold in place. This support element therefore speeds up the treatment and thus the straightening of the teeth. This applies to all ages. Therefore, if you wear foil braces or aligners, please note that this inexpensive and time-saving product will significantly speed up your journey to the desired smile.

Jaw strengthening supports your attractiveness


Thirdly, it is worth mentioning that the popularity of these aids has been growing in recent years, mainly due to their aesthetic benefits. When using them, the volume of the masticatory muscles increases, which is directly linked to a more attractive and trustworthy appearance.

It works just like when you strengthen any other muscle. The great advantage of this type of strengthening is the significant time efficiency. Not only can you do a lot of other activities while chewing, and therefore kill two flies with one blow, but the results are visible after only a few weeks of regular chewing.

Jawinner aids are made of non-hazardous silicone, which undergoes regular and thorough testing for safety. So you definitely don't have to worry about any allergic reaction or side effects.

The Jawinner team is also working on several studies to look at the effect of jaw strengthening on health problems. Namely, it is mainly sleep apnea or ronchopathy or snoring. The results already look very promising, and we'll be happy to share them with you as soon as we have more information.

Like MUDr. Bernát we believe that we have something in our hands that can improve the quality of life of any user.


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