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How to strengthen the jaws and masticatory muscles?

Strengthening the facial muscles works on absolutely the same principle as the strengthening of any other lots. Certainly it is appropriate, therefore, to first of all listen to your body, how the load responds, and in the case of any pain immediately stopped.

A lot of complications, however, you can easily avoid – if you know, as an aid to properly use and then how to maximize its potential. Specific methods of strengthening of there are more of us we show you basic. According to your needs and sense is a course of time you can easily modify.

On the basis of the intensity of your chewing will depend on the speed of growth of your jaw muscles. The role, however, also plays your diet – I'm sure you're well known that muscles grow only in the case that each day we consume enough protein.

We recommend that you practice a maximum of five times a week. The body needs time to rest, during which the previously mentioned growth takes place most intensively.

Before we describe the method, let us add that before each use is the need of equipment rinse with lukewarm water. The oral cavity is naturally full of bacteria and it is therefore necessary to keep them in perfect purity.

Our proven method

In the case of product Winbuilders our customers always recommend that you take out two toys at once and attach to the bottom of the molars so that the bent part with the holes facing against the biting surface of the teeth. Equipment load to the same level of the teeth on the left and right side, to avoid uneven loading.

Subsequently briefly to bite down and loosen. This step then repeat for 1-2 minutes, and 3 × to 5 × a day. In any case, don't bite in the area canines – you would risk damage to the equipment and in addition you strengthen bad muscles.

Another popular method

If you want to experimenovat, in the circles of enthusiasts to the strengthening of the jaw we can meet with once again a popular method – that is focused primarily on the high intensity and time-saving.

As with the previous tool we have in the area of molars. You are on the chewing created. If in the future you will meet with tutorials that recommend chewing in the area of the incisors, we recommend them not to take an example, because you achieve virtually any effect.

  1. Warm up your jaw muscles by opening and closing the mouth as much as possible wide, and it at least 10 times in a row.
  2. Start with 40 slow skusy.
  3. 2 minutes rest.
  4. Make 70 skusů full force with a second pause at the end of each of them.
  5. 2 minutes rest.
  6. Perform 50 skusů full force without any pause.
  7. 2 minutes rest.
  8. Stretch your jaw muscles by opening the mouth as much as possible wide and this position, hold for 20-30 seconds.

This exercise should be performed only once a day.

The next method we will add based on the experience of our customers, however if you try these two recommended, you can't go wrong.

If you train carefully, the first results will come within two weeks, the visible transformation during the month and a significant improvement after about two months.

We keep our fingers crossed! And if you have any questions, contact us at


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